Benefits of Indian Accountants becoming a CPA

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Benefits  of  Indian  Accountants  becoming  a  CPA

Indian  Accountants  can  be grouped under any  of  the  following  categories  :

  1. Qualified  Chartered  Accountants  /  Management  Accountants / Company Secretaries
  2. Inter Qualified  Chartered  Accountants
  3. Post Graduates / Graduates  in  Commerce or Finance and Accounting
  4. Others


One  important  criteria  for  someone  to  do  their  CPA  is  their  eligibility  and hence  it  is  recommended  that  one  gets  that  eligibility  assessed  before  embarking  on  this  journey.   This  blog  presumes  that  a  candidate  is  eligible  and  accordingly  lists  the  benefits.   Even if  a  candidate  is  not  eligible, there  are  some  bridge  programs  which  can  be  done  to  get  themselves  eligible.   For  this  purpose  it  is  recommended  that  they  consult  an  expert  in  this  subject.  

Globalization and Internet  has  actually  accelerated  the  demand  for  International  Professional  Accountants  all over  the  world.   Many  multinational  organizations  are  looking  at  accountants  with  that  extra edge  as  their  diverse  backgrounds and  cultures  can  offer  insight  into  business  operations  and  practices.   With  the  advent  of  an  uniform  accounting  system  globally  and  the  introduction  of  GAAP,  the  need  for  finance professionals  with this  expertise  is  increasing  in  the  corporate  world.  

Thus  the  first  and  foremost  benefit  is  a  distinct  possibility  of  entry  into  a  MNC  if  a  candidate  completes  his / her  CPA.  Though,  this  is  also  subject  to  conditions, but  the  chances  are  definitely  enhanced  if  this  is  done  at  the  right  age and  with  the  right  kind  of  experience.   Generally  speaking  if  a  candidate  is  a  qualified  CA or CMA from India,  unless  they  have  cleared  the  exams  with  good  scores,  entry  into  a  MNC  is  not  that  easy.   However  if  they  complete  their  CPA  their  chances  are  brighter.   It  is  pertinent  to  understand  that  by  passing  their  CA or CMA (India)  they  have  already  done  their  hard work.   Hence  passing  the  CPA  is  not  that  tough  considering  their  background.   It  is  also  relevant  that  professionals  at  some point  of  time  in  their  career  need  that  additional  thrust  to  jump start  their  career  and  CPA  is the  perfect  solution  for  such  a  predicament.  

For semi qualified Chartered Accountants it would always be an aberration that they have not been able to complete their CA and acquire a professional qualification.  With the firmness in the format of the CA exams they must have found it difficult to pass the same.  To illustrate one has to pass all 4 papers or 8 papers depending on whether its one group or both groups with a minimum score of 40% and with an overall aggregate of 50%.  While the format in the CPA is different.  One can pass the exams paper by paper and the credit for passing remains for 18 months before a candidate has to clear the remaining papers.   Thus the probability of them passing the CPA exams is much higher.   This  would  give  them  the  most  needed  thrust  since  they  become  a  professional  accountant  upon  completion  which  should  catapult  their  career  to  the  next  league.  


For  Post  Graduates  and  Graduates  in  Commerce / Finance and Accounts this  is  one  of  the  no-brainer  options  as  the  main  pre-requisite  for  this  group  is  to  acquire  a  professional  qualification.  It is all the more important, as  having spent almost 3 to 5 years in pursuing the Graduation or post-graduation as the case may be, it is high time for them to get a professional certification without wasting further time.  The global  recognition  of  the  CPA  is  the  real  icing  on  the  cake.   However  they  need  to  ensure  the  eligibility  factor  as  different  States  have  different  rules  on  this  front.  


India has become the ‘go to place’ for many of the foreign investors, thereby multiplying the opportunities for all the younger generation. Besides many Indian companies are also aspiring to list at NASDAQ and hence have to follow the International standards which necessitate them to employ qualified CPAs.

To  sum  it  up,  the  addition  of  CPA  would  provide  the  much  needed  wings  to  take off  in  the  global  corporate  arena  for  an  Indian  Accountant.  

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