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CPA is more than a Certification

It is the key to growth and
success in your career

More than 50% Global Pass rate

Only 4 papers. Can be completed in 12 months

Exams now in India across 8 Centres

Become a Certified Public Accountant

Certification issued by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), USA

4,31,000+ membership
in 130 countries as on date

US equivalent of the Indian CA but with Global Recognition

4 Subjects

Exam can be completed
in 12 months

All CPAs are Accountants but not all Accountants are CPAs

Why CPA?

Close your eyes and touch any country on the map. With a CPA, you can take up an employment there.

(Based on the country’s employment visa policies.)

Get your CPA and be
Globally recognized

All it takes is 5 steps to become a CMA!

Understand CPA & FINSPIRE, and get Preliminary Assessment of Eligibility done.

Enroll for the CPA program with FINSPIRE Academy and experience its Scientific Learning Methodology

Attend online classes and simultaneously prepare for the CPA examination under the guidance of our Transformation Catalysts.

Get official assessment & State registration. Apply for examination & Prometric Registration.

Take up your exam with FINSPIRE confidence, pass, and obtain your CPA  licensure!

Throughout the journey, the FINSPIRE team guides you towards success.

How different is
CPA from other exams

“While one has to study for the Indian Exams, one has to learn for the US CPA.”
– Ganesh Vaideeswaran, Chief Transformation Officer

Predominantly objective
in nature

Demands 100% accuracy, unlike Indian exams, which award marks for partial accuracy

Minimum pass score
is 75 out of 100

Exam curriculum revised periodically to align with the ever-changing world of business

Examination Structure

The updated CPA licensure model of 2024 mandates that CPA candidates possess expertise in Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation. These areas will be evaluated in three core sections that are obligatory for all candidates:

In addition, candidates must demonstrate a more profound understanding in one of the following primary disciplines:

Online Classes

Challenges vs Benefits​


“A combination of our methodology and your commitment is bound to take you places and make you a very successful Finance Professional.” – Ganesh Vaideeswaran, Chief Transformation Officer

1. Highly Qualified Team
Our team and faculty include qualified US CMAs, US CPAs, CIAs, CISAs, and Indian CAs with over 75 years of collective global corporate exposure and many years of teaching experience.

2. Scientific Learning Methodology
Our unique learning methodology ensures that a student is fully equipped to face the exam with confidence and perform well.

3. Uworld Wiley Learning Partners
We are authorised learning partners for Uworld Wiley, who are the global leaders in the learning domain for more than 200 years. The Uworld Wiley Software provided enables the student to understand the concepts thoroughly through various deliverables and tests that can be taken. Detailed diagnostic reports can be generated to assess the strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate action.

4. Uworld Wiley Deliverables include
Video Lessons, MCQ Test Bank, TBS Test Bank, Uworld Wiley Digital Flash Cards, E-Book, and many more.

About the Founder

Meet Ganesh Vaideeswaran!
Your Chief Transformation Officer

Learn the FINSPIRE Way

“Passing C.A. is an art, but passing CPA is a science” – Ganesh Vaideeswaran, Chief Transformation Officer

When you learn the FINSPIRE way, we are confident of your success because of our materials and learning methodology, where we emphasize interactive learning over simply studying. Our confidence also comes from our years of rich experience in this subject and mentoring students like yourself, who have become successful finance professionals.

Our unique learning methodology includes the following.

Uworld Wiley CPA Pro Material

We provide CPA learning materials through the Uworld Wiley software, which will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Live Online Classes

Over 240 hours of live online classes by qualified and experienced faculty with many years of teaching experience.

Diagnostic Reports

Receive well-designed Diagnostic Reports and an in-depth analysis of your preparation and performance.

Practical Examples

The classes will cover practical examples to help you understand the intricacies of the subject. Receive PowerPoint presentations with rich content, created by the FINSPIRE team.

Student Community Groups

Be a member of our Student Community Group and Doubt Clarification Group on Telegram for clarity through peer and mentor interaction whenever necessary.


Dheepshika R

Senior Associate, H&Co LLP

I am a commerce post graduate and was pursuing my CA to acquire my professional qualification. The success was eluding me time and again in spite of my efforts...

Chandni Sharma, CPA (USA)

Audit Sr. Asst, Deloitte Offices US

I am proud to say that I was associated with FINSPIRE Academy during my journey for completing my CPA. I had first met Ganesh sir with a couple...

Roshini, CPA (USA)

Auditor EY

Hello everyone! My name is Roshini I wanted to pursue a professional qualification to enhance my knowledge in Accounting and Finance. My friend who was attending CPA classes....



INR 65,000/-
(excluding GST at 18%)
  • Uworld Wiley E Book
  • Uworld Wiley Video lessons
  • 6000+ MCQs for practice
  • 300+ TBS (Task Based Simulations)
  • 40+ Written Communication,
  • 4000+ Uworld Wiley Digital Flash Cards, Companion Mobile App.,
  • Exam Planner and Immaculate Performance Measurement Metrics,
  • Access to Uworld Wiley CPA Study Group on Facebook
  • Uworld Wiley Study Guide, Video lectures, Slides and Notes.
  • Uworld Wiley diagnostic reports
  • Uworld Wiley practice exams


INR 1,01,000/-
(excluding GST at 18%)
  • Access to Recorded Videos on Introduction to CPA, Exam Structure, FINSPIRE guide for usage of U World Wiley materials
  • U World Wiley Study Guide, Video lectures and Slides
  • U World Wiley Video Lessons
  • 7600+ U World Wiley MCQs
  • 440+ U World Wiley TBS (Task Based Simulations)
  • 4000+ U World Wiley Digital Flash Cards, Companion Mobile App.
  • Exam Planner and Immaculate Performance Measurement Metrics
  • Access to U World Wiley CPA Study Group on Facebook
  • U World Wiley Diagnostic reports
  • U World Wiley Practice Exams
  • 256 hours of Live Online Classes During Weekends
  • 15 Online Module Tests conducted by FINSPIRE along with Review
  • 4 Online Mock Exams conducted by FINSPIRE along with Review

Enquire with us

Enquire with us

Frequently Asked Questions - CMA (USA)

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a premier Accounting Certification Program of the USA and is the US equivalent of the Indian Chartered Accountant (CA).   It is a designation provided to licensed accounting professionals who have passed the Uniform CPA Examination conducted by the AICPA.

Uniform CPA Examination is a  four-section exam that any student must pass to qualify as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This is a common exam for any of the 55 U.S. Jurisdictions which includes all the 50 States  apart  from  the  District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S.Virgin Islands, Guam and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana  Islands. In layman terms, a Certified Public Accountant in the USA  is equivalent to the Chartered Accountant in India.

The following are the key  website  links  that are relevant from  a  student  perspective :
  • AICPA  (CPA-EXAM.ORG)– The AICPA is responsible for  developing and scoring the CPA exams.
  • NASBA  (NASBA.ORG) – The NASBA maintains the National Candidate Database, provides candidates with the NTS and keeps the candidates records.
  • PROMETRIC (PROMETRIC.COM/CPA)  – Prometric Test Centers are where the CPA exams are given. They are responsible for scheduling and administering the exam, as well as sending the answer sheets to the AICPA for scoring.
    A student has to book the dates for his exams with the center that is most convenient for him.

Thanks to the advent of Internet and Globalization the entire globe has become one market place. The world has effectively shrunk with the geographical boundaries losing its meaning for doing business. In this changing scenario it is important that a finance professional is also capable of playing the game with the newly defined rules than just the old ones. CPA plays a major part in helping widening the opportunities for those who want to explore the world through their skills.

US CPA course might be a smart choice for you , If you are willing to invest one year of dedication, commitment and concentration to build a successful career in the field of accounting. A Great Career with an even better compensation is the ultimate result of such smart decisions. The fact that one can complete CPA within one year unlike many other courses is one of the main attractions to become a CPA.

As mentioned earlier a student has certain criteria for being eligible to take up the CPA exams and certain other criteria for obtaining its licensure. The following category of students can take up the CPA examination :

  • B.Com graduates with 70% and higher scores from a NAAC A+ rated Institution
  • B.Com graduates with 1styear M.Com completed
  • B.Com graduates with CA Intermediate / ACMA Intermediate qualifications (Indian CMA)
  • Professionally qualified candidates like the CAs, CMAs, CS with B.Com graduation

It is however preferred that you consult an expert to ascertain your eligibility before joining the program.

The following would be the indicative cost for a student from India to complete his / her CPA.The figures given here are indicative since the fee structure may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but is not expected to be substantially higher than what has been indicated.



Eligibility for the CPA can be classified into:

a) Eligibility for taking up the exams and
b) Eligibility for getting the Licensure.

A student has to have a minimum of 120 credits to take up the CPA examination while he has to have a minimum of 150 credits to get the licensure. Eligibility requirements  differ  from  one  jurisdiction (read as State) to the other and hence requirements will depend upon the jurisdiction where a student chooses to get his licensure.   Links  to  all  Boards  of  Accountancy  can  be  found  at

The passing score in each paper is 75 and to understand what the score means one needs to understand the exam structure and the scoring pattern in detail. Whilst a modest attempt has been made to explain this in brief from a student perspective it is felt that this may not be very relevant. A student must be prepared to score 85+ in the exams in which case the passing score must be easily achieved. The score by a student does not indicate nor can be interpreted as a percentage. Thus a score of 75 is not 75% but is a weighted combination of scaled scores from the MCQs and TBSs for Auditing, Regulation, FAR and the other optional paper that a candidate takes up. The scores are calculated using formulas that take into account factors like whether the question was answered correctly and the relative difficulty of each question. Thus difficult questions have more weightage as compared to easier questions and hence a student has to answer more number of easier questions right as compared to difficult ones.

The following are the sequence of events once a student decides to pursue his / her CPA  :

  • Decide on which study program to join after appropriate due diligence  
  • Get a preliminary evaluation done by the Institution conducting the study program.  This  is only to ensure that a candidate is eligible before he / she enrols for a program.  
  • Join the Study Program
  • Get the transcripts / credentials evaluated by the official agency.  
  • Apply and pay the required fees in the respective State Board of Accountancy.  
  • Receipt of Notice to Schedule (NTS) from the State Board of Accountancy.  
  • Use the NTS to schedule the exams in the Prometric Centre where the student is planning to take up the exams. It is important to note that the NTS is valid only for 6 months. Hence a student has to take up all papers for which he or she has registered with the State Board of Accountancy within 6 months of receiving the NTS.

Generally the Institution where the student is undergoing the study program will assist the student in completing the activities listed above.

With exams administered in India in 8 locations (Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Trivandrum) a candidate from India can take the exam at  the authorized Prometric test centres in these cities. Prior to testing, a candidate must first select a participating U.S.Jurisdiction (read as State), contact  the Board of  Accountancy in  that State to obtain Application materials and submit the completed application along with  the  required fees as instructed. After receiving the Notice  to Schedule (NTS), the student may use the NTS to apply to take  the Exam in the location of his choice.


Hello Everyone. This is Dheepshika.

I am a commerce post graduate and was pursuing my CA to acquire my professional qualification. The success was eluding me time and again in spite of my efforts.

But I was determined to acquire a professional qualification. I was at a crossroads between CIA and CPA. It was then, I met Ganesh sir. After speaking to him, it was very clear to me that I had to take up CPA to fulfil my dream.

Ganesh sir is a very patient and an enthusiastic person. He was meticulous and his classes were interactive. He wouldn’t mind teaching a concept any number of times as long as you understand it.

The CPA exam structure comprises of MCQs which was something new for me. Ganesh sir with his unique way, made it easy for me to understand it clearly.

After a few weeks of classes, I was confident on how to approach those questions. With the help of the coaching and course material I successfully completed CPA in the first attempt.

I completely dedicate my transformation from an ordinary post graduate to a confident professional with an international qualification to FINSPIRE Academy and to Ganesh sir for their friendly and unique approach for coaching.

Thank you

Dheepshika RH & Co LLP, Senior Associate

I am proud to say that I was associated with FINSPIRE Academy during my journey for completing my CPA.

I had first met Ganesh sir with a couple of my friends to understand about CPA and the delivery model of FINSPIRE. All 3 of us were so impressed with the way the details were presented and our clarifications resolved that we decided to join right away.

Happy to inform that two of us were able to clear all papers in the first attempt with high scores while the third has taken one paper and pursuing to complete other papers in the near future.

I was thoroughly impressed with the classes and the schedule. All our doubts were cleared on time (through a Whatsapp group) and it would not be an overstatement if I say that I am a Qualified CPA today thanks to Ganesh Sir and FINSPIRE Academy.

I have been recommending FINSPIRE strongly to all my friends and would recommend the same to anyone looking to complete their CPA on time with very high scores.

Chandni Sharma, CPA (USA), Audit Senior Assistant, Deloitte Offices US


Hello everyone! My name is Roshini

I wanted to pursue a professional qualification to enhance my knowledge in Accounting and Finance. My friend who was attending CPA classes from Ganesh sir had recommended him.

Ganesh sir was very approachable. I had a trial class with him, which went really well, so I confidently joined his class. His coaching was excellent, considering that this is my first professional course, he made sure to explain the technical concepts in a way that made me understand them easily. He will address all our questions and clear our doubts effectively.

Apart from technical guidance, he never failed to motivate me when I needed it and provided the right advice, which I’m truly grateful for. As a result, I passed all my exams on the first attempt and become a qualified CPA.

Currently I am working as an Auditor with EY. Successfully completing CPA has opened opportunities for me locally and globally; pursuing it is the best decision I’ve made career wise and I’m glad that I met Ganesh sir at the right time.

Roshini, CPA (USA), Auditor EY