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A Hybrid Integrated Program
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What is Finsure?

FINSURE is a unique hybrid program in Finance that integrates the graduation and post graduation degrees in commerce from India along with the 3 most prestigious professional certifications in Management Accounting, Information Systems Audit, Financial Accounting & Reporting apart from Auditing of the USA. Thus a student will be able to complete 3 globally recognized certifications apart from the graduation and post graduation in a span of 5 years at Minimum Net Investment.

The aim of FINSURE is to provide a solid foundation for a student to kick start his/her career and take it to great heights.

What are the qualifications a student earns in FINSURE?

A student gets to earn the following in a span of 5 years in FINSURE : 

  1. B.Com from Adithya College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore affiliated to Bharathiar University
  2. M.Com from Madras University (Distance Learning)
  3. Financial and Managerial Accounting Associate (FMAA) of the USA
  4.  Certified Management Accountant (CMA) of the USA
  5. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) of the USA
  6. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) of the USA

Adithya College of Arts & Science (ACAS)

Adithya College of Arts & Science (ACAS) was established in the year 2019 by the Adithya Education Trust to provide comprehensive education to the budding young students. The Adithya group of Institutions which is based out of Coimbatore boasts of various reputed institutions that includes Adithya Institute of Technology, Adithya Institute of Health Sciences, Adithya School of Business Management, Adithya Global School (CBSE Curriculum) and Adithya Public Matriculation Hr. Secondary School besides the Adithya College of Arts & Science. The primary vision of ACAS is to shape the future of students through Higher Education Programs by means of comprehensive teaching, learning practices and equip them with confidence and competence required for their career and life and create a niche in the higher education landscape of the nation. ACAS is affiliated to the Bharathiar University and believes in the principle that Education is a noble gift to the future budding architects of the modern India and works tirelessly in this direction.

First Year

B.Com (Professional Accounting)


US CMA - One Part

In their first year, B.Com (Professional Accounting) students will undertake a structured program integrating B.Com coursework, FMAA classes/exams, and US CMA Part 1 studies, ensuring a robust grounding in accounting principles and financial management.

Second Year

B.Com (Professional Accounting)

US CMA - One Part

US CMA - Second Part

Second Year

In the second year, students delve into advanced B.Com (Professional Accounting) coursework, prepare for US CMA Part 1 tests/main exam, and engage in US CMA Part 2 classes, fostering expertise in accounting and financial management.

Third Year

B.Com (Professional Accounting)

US CMA - Second Part


In the third year, students tackle advanced B.Com (Professional Accounting) coursework, undertake US CMA Part 2 tests/main exam, and participate in CISA (USA) classes/main exam, honing skills in accounting, financial management, and information systems.

Fourth Year



Full Time Employment

In the fourth year, students advance to M.Com first-year classes/exams, attend weekend online classes for US CPA, and transit into full-time employment, consolidating theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Fifth Year



Full Time Employment

In the final year, students complete M.Com classes/exams, participate in US CPA revision classes/exams, and seamlessly continue their full-time employment, combining academic achievements with practical application.

Course Overview

A concise guide detailing key aspects, goals, and structure of the course,
providing a snapshot of what learners can expect.

First Year

B.Com (Professional Accounting)


US CMA - One Part

Second Year

B.Com (Professional Accounting)

US CMA - One Part

US CMA - Second Part

Third Year

B.Com (Professional Accounting)

US CMA - Second Part


Fourth Year



Full Time Employment

Fifth Year



Full Time Employment

Examination Structure of FMAA

Certification No. of. Papers Duration (Hours) No. of. MCQs No. of. Essays
US FMAA 1 2 80 -

FMAA - Financial & Managerial Accounting Associate

FMAA is a preparatory program for the US CMA to master the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting and the global language of business. The Certification is awarded by
the Institute of Management Accountants of the USA. FINSPIRE will be training all students for this program as per schedule and each student will be provided with a software to help them work on the same. However, this is being a new program introduced by IMA, the examination windows are yet to be finalized by them. In the eventuality of non-availability of the window in the first semester, the student will be appearing for only the Mock exams in the software provided. In such a scenario, the student will not be incurring the examination fees for FMAA.

US CMA - Certified Management Accountant of the USA

Examination Structure of CMA

Certification No. of. Papers Duration (Hours) per part No. of. MCQs per part No. of. Essays per part
US CMA 2 4 100 2

About CMA

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a globally recognized professional certification awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) of the USA. This credential amply demonstrates the skill sets of the person in the areas of Management Accounting and Financial Management and signifies his knowledge base in the areas of Financial Reporting, Planning & Budgeting, Performance and Cost Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Planning and Budgeting and more importantly Professional Ethics.

Why CMA?

The following are a few compelling reasons why one must qualify as an CMA :

  • Globally recognized professional certification in Financial Management & Management
  • Consists of two papers that can be taken one paper at a time
  • Multiple Exam Centers in India and across the globe
  • Flexibility with a 6 month exam windows in a year
  • Excellent Career Prospects in India and across the globe

US CPA - Certified Public Accountant

Examination Structure of CPA

The CPA is a 4 paper exam consisting of the following papers :

  • Auditing – Core Paper
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting – Core Paper
  • Regulation – Core Paper
  • Any one of the following 3 discipline papers :
    • Business Analysis & Reporting (BAR)
    • Information Systems Control (ISC)
    • Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP)
  • Each examination is for the duration of 4 hours and consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Task Based Simulation Questions (TBS)
  • Exams are conducted throughout the year

About US CPA

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a premier Accounting Certification program of the USA and is a designation provided to licensed accounting professionals who have passed the Uniform CPA Examination conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Why CPA?

The following are a few compelling reasons why one must qualify as a CPA :
  • Exams by the AICPA, the largest accounting body in the world with more than 650,000 members
  • Consists of 4 papers to pass and the same can be taken paper by paper
  • 8 examination centers in India and multiple across the globe
  • Increasing relevance and demand for qualified CPAs in :
    • Top International Audit Firms, MNCs in India and across the globe and
    • Indian Companies having global operations / aspirations
  • Excellent career prospects in more than 140+ countries across the globe

Look into our deliverables table for more details!

CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor

Every business today is automated and hence it becomes extremely important for an auditor to monitor, assess, control and audit an organization’s information technology and business systems.

CISA is a certification awarded by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) of the USA and boasts of more than 165,000 members worldwide. A combination of a certification in Finance and Accounting and Information Systems Audit is worth its weight in gold in the industry today.

Structure of the CISA Examination

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Master of Commerce (M.Com)

Learning Methodology

Hybrid Method of Learning

This method of learning (though not in the typical sense) is where a student learns for certain certifications in a classroom environment while for other certifications through the online mode. The methodology deployed is detailed here below for the various certifications for a better understanding with the reasons behind the same

  • B.Com : Classroom Training by ACAS Faculty
  • M.Com : Distance Education with Online Classroom Sessions by FINSPIRE
  • FMAA & US CMA : 100% Live Classroom Sessions with additional study sessions
  • CISA : Live Classroom sessions with additional study sessions 
  • CPA : 100% online training during the weekends considering that the student would be employed while pursuing the CPA

For B.Com

  • Classes for all 6 semesters in the College
  • Classes conducted by Qualified Professors of the College

For M.Com

  • Distance Education from Madras University
  • 100+ hours of Live Online classes (for each year) in the weekends. Recorded sessions will be provided for supplementing the preparations


  • Classroom sessions for both classes and mentoring during Semester 1
  • Study Sessions monitored by qualified professional during Semester 1
  • Multiple Module Tests and Mock Exams followed by Classroom Review Sessions
  • Licensed Software for each student from an approved IMA provider


  • Classroom sessions for both concept classes and mentoring during Semesters 2 to 4
  • Study Sessions monitored by qualified professionals during Semester 2 to 5
  • Multiple Module Tests and Mock Exams followed by Classroom Review Sessions
  • Proprietary Videos for exclusive use of FINSPIRE students covering various areas that include solving Multiple Choice Questions, Descriptive Questions and Important Concepts covering the entire curriculum of the CMA exams
  • Licensed Software for each student from an approved IMA provider


  • Live online classes and mentoring sessions supervised by ACAS faculty. 
  • Recorded sessions of classes provided to students for revisiting.
  • Multiple Module Tests and Mock Exams followed by live online Review Sessions .


A student will be eligible to take up the CPA exams only in the 5th year of FINSURE (considering the requirement of minimum number of accounting credits) and hence the methodology has been designed as under : 

  • Live online classes in the weekends in year 4 to give the student enough time to prepare.
  • Module Tests to be taken by the student to ensure focused preparation.
  • Review sessions in the weekends in year 5 before the student starts to take up his main exams.
  • Mock Exams in Year 5 before the student takes up his main exams.
  • Licensed Software from a reputed provider for each student.
  • Recorded Sessions of classes would be provided for viewing by the students.

Telegram Groups

Every student would be a member of two telegram groups namely

  1. Doubt Clarification Group and .
  2. Student Community Group which will be monitored by the mentor of that particular batch.

Doubt Clarification Group

Doubt Clarification Group is a group where a student can post his / her doubts any topic pertaining to any certifications of FINSURE and the same will be clarified by the Mentor for that batch. While all students will have access to this group, the communication is strictly between the student having a doubt and the mentor.

Student Community Group

Student Communication Group is a group where students can discuss any topic of importance pertaining to any certifications of FINSURE and again the same will be monitored by the Mentor for that batch. Thus in this group, a student can share any interesting concept that he / she had come across (to just name one) which can be of help to other students as well. Here the communication is amongst the students in the group with appropriate monitoring by the Mentor.


Training in Microsoft Office

It has become an absolute necessity for anyone in an organization to have good working knowledge of the various Microsoft packages like the Word, Excel and Power Point. Accordingly appropriate training would be provided in these packages to enable the student have good working knowledge from a corporate perspective as this will give them the additional edge when it comes to their employment opportunities.

Training for Attending Interviews

As a student would be attending interviews to join for employment appropriate training would be provided to face the interviews with confidence. This would also include training them with the possible expected questions that would be asked and also training them in the aptitude tests that are normally conducted by companies before the interview process. This will ensure that they are interview ready and will be able to face the same with lots of confidence which will enable them get the right breakthrough.


All examinations for the various qualifications of FINSURE are conducted in multiple centers
in India (except B.Com which is conducted in Coimbatore only). All exams except B.Com
and M.Com are conducted online. Hence it is not necessary for any student to travel outside
India to take up the exams.

Scholarships & Placement Assurance


Both ACAS and FINSPIRE Academy provide merit based scholarship to students at various stages of the program. While the scholarship by ACAS is provided based on the marks obtained by the student in the +2 exams, the scholarship provided by FINSIRE will be based on the progress of the students in FINSURE. For more details please get in touch with us.

Placement Assurance

ACAS through their campus recruitment drive and FINSPIRE Academy provides placement assurance to its students who have completed their CMA & CISA successfully by the end of Year 3. A student with a B.Com, CMA and CISA look forward to a great start to his / her career.

Companies like Amazon India, BNY Mellon, Accenture, Genpact, Infosys, Capegemini, HP, Deloitte, EY, BP, JP Morgan Chase, Tata Power, Honeywell, L&T, Altisource, TCS, Wipro are some of the employers in India who regularly recruit qualified CMAs, CISAs and CPAs.

FINSURE Program Deliverables

Deliverables FMAA CMA CPA CISA M.Com
Classes & Mentoring
Clasroom/Online Classes - No. of Hours 50+ 230+ 250+ 55+ 220+
Classroom/Online Mentoring Sessions - No. of Hours 50+ 280+ 90+ 45+
Access to all Class Recordings
Test & Exams
No. of Online Module Tests 10 60 18 10
No. of Online Mock Exams 3 10 4 3
Proprietary Videos
Solving of MCQs - No.Of Hours 50+ 70+ 30+
Solving of Essay/TBS Questions - No. of Hours 30+ 40+
Review of Important Concepts - No. Of Hours 30+ 50+ 30+
Uworld Wiley Study Materials
Video Lectures
MCQs for practice 700+ 4500+ 6000+
EssaysTBS (Task Based Simulations) for Practice 70+ 300+
Digital Flash cards 750+ 4000+
Examination Planner and Diagnostic Reports
Telegram Groups
Membership in a Doubt Clarification Group
Membership in a Student Community Group

B.Com – All classes, tests and exams are conducted by the college itself. Main exams are conducted by Bharathiar University

Finsure Roadmap at a Glance

Earn 6 Qualifications in 5 Years where your net investment is low


B.Com (Professional Accounting) / Finsure Timelines 2024 to 2029

Semester Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
1 FMAA Classes, Tests, Revision & Main Exam
B.Com (PA) - Semester 1 Classes & Exam
2 & 3 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
CMA One Part - Classes, Mentoring Sessions, Tests & Main Exam
B.Com (PA) - Semester 2 Classes & Exams B.Com (PA) - Semester 3 Classes & Exams
4 & 5 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
CMA Second Part - Classes, Mentoring Sessions, Tests & Main Exam
B.Com (PA) - Semester 4 Classes & Exams B.Com (PA) - Semester 5 Classes & Exams
6 Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
CISA Classes, Mentoring Sessions & Main Exam
B.Com (PA) - Semester 6 Classes & Exams
Year 4 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Full time Employment, CPA Classes & M. Com classes
Year 6 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Full Time Employment, CPA Revision Classes, Tests, Exams, & Main Exams and M.Com classes & Main Exams

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