SEBI: The Guardian of India’s Securities Market

securities market

The Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)  has led the charge of India’s securities market since the 1990s. Its current chairperson is Madhabi Puri Buch. It’s a non-statutory body that operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance for investor protection and to advise the Government. Primarily SEBI is the frontier to protect the […]

The Green Shift: Why Sustainable Accounting Is the Future

Why Sustainable Accounting Is the Future? In today’s complex business world, sustainability is critical for long-term success. Companies use sustainable accounting to assess and manage their environmental and social impact. Sustainability accounting, also known as green accounting, integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into financial statements. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s […]

A Comprehensive Comparison of Old vs. New Tax Regime in India

new tax regime

New Tax Regime in India The Indian tax landscape saw a significant shift in the 2020 budget with the introduction of a new tax regime offering lower rates but limiting deductions. This blog thoroughly compares the pros and cons of the old and new tax regimes, assisting taxpayers in strategic decision-making for personalized financial goals. […]

Transformative Trends of 2024 in Accounting and Finance Upskilling in India

The landscape of accounting and finance is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by the forces of digitalization, and artificial intelligence. As these technologies redefine traditional financial tasks, professionals in India find themselves at a critical juncture where upskilling is no longer just beneficial but imperative for staying ahead. In this dynamic era, embracing innovations becomes […]

Navigating Mutual Funds and Financial Growth

Mutual funds have emerged as a cornerstone of modern investing, offering individuals a collective approach to wealth generation by pooling resources from numerous investors. This capital is then deftly deployed across a diversified portfolio encompassing an array of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and money market securities. A defining feature of mutual funds is […]

Implications of the Lunar Success of Chandrayaan-3 in the Indian Financial Sector.

The successful soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon is a momentous achievement, underscoring India’s ascent as an emerging global superpower. This landmark event holds the promise of unleashing a multitude of financially advantageous outcomes for the nation.   The triumph of Chandrayaan 3 is poised to substantially elevate India’s prowess in satellite technology, cementing […]

Embracing the Potential: How ChatGPT Augments Finance Professionals

The rapid advancement of AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, has brought about significant changes in various industries, including finance. As finance professionals navigate this evolving landscape, it is essential to explore the potential impact of AI on their roles. While some may view AI as a threat, a closer examination reveals that it can be […]

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Revolutionizes India’s Financial Landscape

In a groundbreaking move, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has embarked on a transformative journey by launching its very own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) known as the Digital Rupee. This innovative digital currency, which is not to be confused with cryptocurrencies, aims to revolutionize financial transactions in India. The Digital Rupee provides a […]

India’s Economic Growth Q4 FY 2023 : Soaring at 6.1% in

India’s Economic Growth has exceeded all expectations, as revealed by the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data released by the Central Government’s NSO office for the January-March quarter (Q4 FY2023) on 31st May 2023. The data reflects an impressive growth rate, with India’s economy expanding by 6.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022-23, surpassing […]

Risk Management – Empowering Accountants to Excel in a Dynamic Landscape

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, risk management has emerged as a vital discipline, offering accounting professionals a unique and rewarding career path. Expertise in risk management not only enables professionals to contribute to a company’s success but also equips them with the skills to identify, analyze, and mitigate risks effectively.   In the realm of […]