Who should be looking at CMA of the USA as a potential career option

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Who  should  be  looking  at  CMA  of  the  USA  as  a  potential  career  option

Having  seen  what  is  CMA  and  why  CMA  now  the  next  thing  to  understand  is  for  whom  would  this  certification  be  useful.   While  this  certification  would  be  useful  for  any  individual  it  is  very  effective  for  the  following  categories  of  persons.

Students pursuing their graduation in Commerce

The  structure  of  Graduate  programs  today  is  not  that  very  complicated  and  does  not  warrant  any  full  time  engagement.   Thus  it  would  be  very  useful  for  someone  to  complete  their  CMA  during  their  Graduation  years  so that  they  can  kick start  their  career  on  an  higher  plane.  Moreover with the CMA syllabi complementing the B.Com one  the performance of a student in their B.Com also would show marked improvement for an overall impressive beginning.  

Commerce Graduates

This  category  of  students  do  not  have  any  professional  qualification  which  is  very  important  from  an  employment  and  growth  perspective  today.  CMA  is  a perfect  solution  for  such  a  category  as  the  course  is  both  short term  as  well as  globally  recognized.   Today,  being  a mere graduate,  does  not  take  someone  to  great  heights  and  it  is  necessary  that  he or she  has a  professional  qualification for  this  purpose.  

Semi-Qualified  Finance  Professionals

There  are  good  many  persons  who  have  had  to  discontinue  either  their  Chartered  Accountancy,  Cost  Accountancy  or  Company  Secretaryship  courses  mid way  through  for  various reasons.   Getting  back  to these  courses  again  after  a  considerable  break  would  be  extremely  difficult  and  CMA  provides  a  perfect  answer  to  such  category  of persons.   This  is  because  they  get to  complete  a  Professional  Certification  that  is  globally  recognized  as  well  as  enhance  their  career  prospects  by  optimizing  their  commitment  levels.  

Home Makers

The  next  category  would  be  for  Home Makers  who  are  commerce  graduates  and  who would  want  to  kick start  a  career  for the  first  time.   The  time  needed  to  complete  the  certification  coupled  with  the  global  recognition  offers  a perfect  blend  to  make  a  sincere  attempt and realize their unfulfilled dreams.   

CPA  Aspirants

This may look surprising to many however have a strong reason in proposing this category of students to start with the CMA.   However qualified finance professionals like Chartered Accountants or Cost Accountants may not fall this category even though this is recommended.   Hence CPA aspirants apart from these two categories would be better off  taking up the  CMA  first  on  two  counts.  One  the  syllabus  is  common  for  a  couple  of  papers  in  the  CPA  thus  making  it  an  indirect  preparation  for  the  same  and  two  it  gives  the  student  an  experience  in  preparing  and  attempting  for  an  objective  type  of  an  exam.   Objective  type  of  exams  require  a  different  skill set  altogether  and  hence  completing  CMA  first  and  then  attempting  CPA  makes  a  lot  of  sense  from  a  student  perspective.  

Becoming a certified CMA is definitely a good proposition irrespective of the fact you belong to any one of the above mentioned group. Best of wishes

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