US CPA Course : Factors to be considered while selecting an Academy

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US CPA course is one of the most demanded course in the global landscape as the US CPA is a highly sought-after designation globally. A recent study by the American Institute of CPAs found that the number of people taking the US CPA exam has been steadily rising. Here comes the importance of selecting the best Academy for pursuing the US CPA.

It is not an easy question to answer even though one can arrive at a template listing down various factors that need to be considered while selecting an Academy to pursue a course like the CPA. 

How does one determine whether an Academy is good in  terms  of  preparation  for  an  exam  like  a  CPA ? 

Is it based on the pedagogy  or  the  outcome?   In  other  words,  do  we  term  an  Institution  the  best  if  it’s  teaching  methodologies  are  good  and  the  faculty  is  very  well known  or  if  the  results  are  very  encouraging  and  the  pass rates  are  high ?   Well  even  though  the  answer  would  lean  closer  to  the  results  parameter  there  is  no  clear  cut  answer  to  this  tricky  question. 

How should you select the best Academy for US CPA course?

Thus  a  candidate  need  to  look  for  the  following  things  in  a US CPA coaching  Academy, evaluate the same and take an appropriate call.  Needless  to  mention  it  must  also  be  recognised  that  the  best  an Academy  can  do is  only 50%  of the job and the balance  needs to be well done by  the candidate himself to be successful.   

  • Is  the  program  run  by  an  Academy  of  repute?  This  is  essentially  to  ensure  that  one  is  not  conned  by  the  fly by night  operators.
  • Is  the  person  directly  involved  in  conducting / coordinating  the  program  a  qualified  CPA  himself ?   While  the  knowledge  levels  of  professionals  in  the  same  field  with  other  qualifications  may  be  the  same  it  is  always  preferred  that  the  faculty  are  qualified  CPAs  themselves  considering  the  format  and  the  structure  of  the  exam. 
  • What  is  the  program  that  they  are  following  and  how  reputed  is  the  same.   Generally  speaking  every US CPA course training Academy represents a Learning Service Provider  (could  be  either  proprietary  or  a  globally  recognised  player)  and  hence  the  reputation  and  the  background  of  the  program  is  very  important  from  a  candidate’s  perspective.
  • What kind of support system is available both from the Program and the Academy to  help  the student during  the  preparation  time.   What  are  the  tools  that  are  being  provided  to  help  the  student  prepare  well for the US CPA Examination  and  deliver  his  best  in  an  exam  environment. 
  • Considering  that  the  process  of  getting  the  credentials  evaluated,  registering  with  the  respective  State  Boards  and  scheduling  the  exams  is  cumbersome,  one  needs  to  understand  the  handholding  an  Institution  does  to  help  the  candidates  spend  as  minimum  a  time  as  possible  in  these  relatively  less  productive  issues.
  • Last  but  not  the  least  (more relevant to candidates in India)  how much assistance does the Academy provide in getting the Licensure upon completion of the exams is important. 

Above  must  be  the  minimum  factors  that  a  student  must  look  into  before  joining  a  program  in  the journey  of  qualifying  as  a  CPA. Select the right place and people who can train, coach and guide you in the right direction. FINSPIRE Academy that is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is one of the leading names for CPA coaching in India. Spearheaded by Ganesh Vaideeswaran, a highly qualified financial professional who is a Chartered Accountant & Cost Accountant from India and CPA, CIA & CMA from the United States.   

Start your journey of US CPA Course in India from the right place.  After all  it  is  for nothing  it  is  said  Well  begun  is  half  done

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