Wiley Study materials – 12 major advantages for US CMA and US CPA candidates

Top 12 advantages of using Wiley study materials for US CMA and US CPA

What is Wiley?

Wileyhttps://www.wiley.com/ is a USA based global leader in research and education and are in operation for more than 200 years developing and fueling the world’s knowledge ecosystem. Wiley is also a digital education platform that helps students in learning and assessment. They provide certification solutions to help academies and individuals move between education and employment and achieve their ambitions. They have a repertoire of technical and scholarly journals, books and other digital content designed to assist students in completing and succeeding in their certification courses.

How does Wiley material help in preparing candidates to qualify for US CMA and  US CPA certification?

Training centers or academies have to deal with the challenge of converting students into effective learners and this is possible only when the study material has the following characteristics:

  1. They succeed in engaging the student’s interest throughout the program
  2. They are able to encode important information about the course in the study material
  3. They are able to elaborate or explain the information in a manner that is relatable and understandable to the student
  4.  They are able to effectively assess and evaluate the progress of the student and provide accurate feedback on how to improve performances.

The Wiley software is designed to help students develop skills and knowledge required to achieve success in their chosen fields.

What are the advantages of using the Wiley material?

Enrolling for the US CMA or US CPA and opting to use the Wiley material ensures that you can take advantage of many of its features such as:

  1. Access to Wiley e-book which combines quality content with the convenience, accessibility and enhanced functionality of electronic access.
  2. Access to detailed Wiley video lessons and lectures that provide insights into tough topics which serves as supplemental learning tools.
  3. A deliberate effort is made to ensure that the lessons are not too long winding or tedious. The length of the lesson is fashioned in such a way that student does not lose interest for the course.
  4. There are ample review courses after the lessons and students who dedicatedly take these courses would benefit from having a score predictor that will help them in estimating how well they would do in the exams.
  5. There is a mobile application that students can install and download on their smart phones and this makes access to the course material relatively easier.
  6. The US CMA candidate has access to approximately 4500+ Multiple Choice Questions, 70+ descriptive questions and 750+ digital Wiley flash cards.
  7. The US CPA candidate has access to 6000+ Multiple Choice Questions, 300+ Task based simulations, 40+  written communication questions and 4,000+ digital Wiley flash cards.
  8. The Wiley software offers students the option of adopting an examination planner that will help them prepare and plan better for the certifying exams and for practicing the model exams.
  9. The Wiley program also offers the advantages of detailed and reliable diagnostic reports and immaculate performance measurement metrics, which help candidates in accurately determining their areas of strengths and weaknesses. These diagnostic reports will help explain the performances and an analysis of these reports will help in both improving the performance and also focusing on areas where improvement is necessary.
  10. Access to a team of qualified and certified instructors and mentors who can assist you with the queries and doubts.
  11. Candidates will have access to the Wiley study groups on Facebook where they can interact with like minded students. This is a forum for brainstorming and clearing the queries and doubts that they frequently come up with.
  12. The candidates have the advantage of 24/7 customer support, when they opt for Wiley study materials

FINSPIRE Academy confidently offers its students the Wiley software because of the highly specialized nature of the study materials and their learning methodology where emphasis is placed on interactive learning over simply studying.

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