6 Reasons Why US CMA is a Smart Choice for Accounting Graduates

us cma

The US Certified Management Accountant program is a valuable certification governed and offered by the Institute of Management Accountants from the USA. This advanced certification is specifically designed to measure critical Cost Accounting and Financial Management skills. These are skills that most employers look for in their potential accounting hires, especially in the financial sector.
Benefits of US CMA for Accounting Graduates

  1. Ability to Handle decision-making with ease
    Management Accountants will have the business knowledge to support corporations and businesses in their decision-making process. They can be involved in the strategic development initiatives of an organization. Thus, US Certified Management Accountants can contribute to the progress and growth of the organizations.
  2. Improves employability
    US CMA Certification is globally recognized in more than 100 countries. This improves the employability quotient of a candidate who has successfully completed the US Certified Management Accountant Program. The advent of the Internet has effectively removed geographical boundaries when it comes to the way business is carried on today. The need of the hour is Global Finance Professionals.
  3. Become eligible for a higher income
    A US CMA certification can help every financial professional achieve their own personal financial goals. According to a study by the Institute of Management Accountants, US CMA certification holders earn 58% more than their non-CMA counterparts. This is a significant bump to a person’s income
  4. Opens up great opportunities for Indian Accountants
    India has always been considered a good breeding ground for successful Finance Professionals. But many of the accounting certifications in India are not globally recognised, which significantly restricts an Indian accountant’s opportunities. The US CMA, however, is a globally recognised certification. US CMA holders can find opportunities not only in the US but also in some of the fastest developing regions around the world like the Middle East and China. It can open up global opportunities for a significantly higher pay.
  1. Easier to obtain than other financial certifications
    The CMA certification program is a relatively short course compared to CFA and CPA. The US CMA exam consists of two parts of 6 modules each. You can take these exams in any order as you please. Also, you have the opportunity to take these two exams within a 6-9 month period. This means that you can even complete the US CMA course within a year, and start working as a management accountant.
  2. Join an elite crew of CMA graduates
    As of November 30, 2022, there were a record high of 46,859 active Certified Management Accountants. Although a high number in terms of CMAs, this is a very small percentage compared to the number of accounting professionals worldwide. Being part of this elite group of professionals is well-respected in the accounting industry. Moreover, people who hold a CMA certification are sought after by most accounting firms and organisations with internal accounting teams.

The demand for US CMAs is slowly seeing an increase over the last few years, and this demand is expected to continue to grow. This is a great opportunity for accounting graduates to boost their careers and stand out in the job market.

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