Confused about what to do after 12th?


Today, if you ask students what they want to do after 12th, they will not have a clear answer.

Because they are bombarded with a plethora of choices, this is understandable because what you study after 12th can define your profession for the rest of your life. However, it is important to make a wise choice.  

What are the options available after the 12th standard?


Architecture is perfect for those with a creative soul. It gives you the perk of engineering and the satisfaction of seeing your design impact people in real life. Pursuing a degree in architecture allows you to enhance your knowledge in diverse fields such as History, Math, Physics, Engineering, Arts, Material Science, etc. Although job security may not be guaranteed, you will have opportunities to work worldwide, like in nursing.


This is probably the most common option for Indian students after 12th. Depending on your interest, you could pursue mechanical engineering or computer engineering. An engineering degree opens the door to many different job opportunities. It also helps develop the individual’s overall intellectual development and critical thinking skills, which can come in handy in most technical and data-driven jobs.


Nursing is another popular option among students in India. It is a great profession as you not only get to help people but also job security is guaranteed as nurses will always be in demand around the world. Moreover, the job is recession-proof, so the chances of getting fired from your job are slim. And if you have any dreams of moving abroad for work, becoming a nurse may be a great option.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) graduates are seeing a growing demand in job markets around the world. As computer technology becomes part and parcel of our daily lives, the demand for professionals with knowledge in this field is growing steadily. IT is a vast field with many specialisation areas, like cyber security, software development, network engineering, and so on. Moreover, the IT field is constantly evolving, which gives you the opportunity for continuous learning.


Arts is the underdog course with unlimited potential for growth as it offers the most areas you can work in. As an Arts graduate, you can explore the field of aviation, law, mass communication, teaching, hospitality, etc. Once you have established yourselves, your growth is only limited by your effort. The beauty of Arts degrees is that you surround yourself with creative people and network with them. You also have the opportunity to work on some very diverse and interesting projects.

Finance & Accounting 

Finance and accounting are very popular niches to pursue today and can open the door to many high-earning opportunities for candidates. As a finance and accounting graduate, you can work as a financial analyst, accountant, actuary, consultant, and so on. Finance graduates are always in high demand in every industry, so your job security is guaranteed. Being an internationally recognised certification, you can find jobs worldwide. Also, you can pursue many certifications to stand out among the crowd and catch the recruiter’s eye.

As we explore each course, you need to remember that every program has its advantages and disadvantages. Something that could help you identify the best path forward is establishing what your career goals are and aligning them with your strengths. For example, if you are looking for a job with great job security and have a penchant for mathematics, then accounting would be a great profession. They are always in demand, and you can boost your career by getting certifications like the US CPA or US CMA.

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