How Automation and Metaverse will change global work culture in the near future?

Automation and Metaverse

According to the World Economic Forum, automation and the Metaverse are the future. By 2025, tens of thousands of new job profiles will emerge as a collaboration between humans, machines, and algorithms becomes necessary.

This revolution began in 2005 when Business Process Management was introduced (BPM). With the 2011 release of Apple’s Siri, the trend shifted from physical robots to automation software.

What is automation?
Automation refers to technologies that can perform tasks with minimal or no human intervention. It is also called ROBOTICS.  There are several types of automation (Business Process Automation (BPA), IT Automation, home automation, etc.). 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a subset of Business Process Automation, is the most prevalent in the finance and accounting industry.  RPA is a set of instructions given to a machine to perform menial and repetitive manual tasks. It reduces the time, effort, and cost of completing a task while minimizing human error, allowing you to devote more time to growing the business.

What exactly is the Metaverse?
The Metaverse is believed to be the next version of the internet. As its applications are vast and range from gaming to medicine, there needs to be more clarity about how it will appear in its final form. The consensus, however, is that the Metaverse will be an immersive virtual world where everyone can interact for business or pleasure. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets will be used extensively to facilitate communication.

Many companies that have jumped on the metaverse bandwagon envision a new digital economy where users can create, purchase, and sell goods within the Metaverse. However, the actual future of the Metaverse is not solely focused on the consumer. The most lucrative opportunities will be in enterprise and industry, where businesses can address global energy, climate change, and productivity challenges.

How will automation & the Metaverse affect the culture of the workplace?
Their true power resides in combining various technologies to create a singular user experience. Using VR and AR capabilities, the Metaverse could transform how we collaborate and communicate in the workplace.

Virtual reality provides a novel way for individuals to actively participate in group discussions, making virtual meetings more engaging. The Metaverse can also revolutionize the way employees are trained. Virtual reality can create an immersive training experience that significantly reduces the time required to acquire new workplace skills. People can be trained for high-risk environments without exposing them to health and safety risks.

It can also be a place where people can de-stress and unwind after a stressful day. Virtual reality can provide well-being areas where employees can unwind in an entirely different setting, removing them from the workplace. They can enter a forest, an aquarium, or a fitness studio to engage in guided meditations and exercise classes enhanced by VR technology.

As the Metaverse grows, new roles and responsibilities will emerge, such as metaverse programmers, UX designers, digital 3D workplace designers, virtual experience managers, cybersecurity specialists, etc. Consequently, the demand for individuals to fill these positions will skyrocket.

Only those who continually learn and grow can adapt to and survive this change. And just as in every other industry, the finance and accounting field will experience a profound cultural shift. Companies and recruiters will seek out candidates with international certifications.

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