How can the US Certified Management Accountant Program boost your career in 2022?

How can the US Certified Management Accountant Program boost your career in 2022?

The  US Certified Management  Accountant  Program (CMA) is a  globally  recognized  professional  certification  awarded  by  the  Institute  of  Management  Accountants  (IMA)  of  the  USA.

This credential amply demonstrates the skill sets of the person in the areas of Management Accounting and Financial Management and is considered the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals.

How can US Certified Management Accountant Program boost your career?

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a working professional in an accounting or finance capacity looking to advance your career, the US Certified Management Accountant Program will prepare you for the fast-growing area of Management Accounting. This is especially relevant for success in today’s business environment.

Here are five major reasons why you should one enroll for US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Program and get CMA certification:

Global Recognition of the Program:

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)  being a premier Certification Program of the USA is recognized in more than 100 countries including India. Anyone who qualifies himself or herself with this certification is in high demand. It is relatively easier for you to enter into any MNCs or any other big business groups in India which would otherwise be difficult with only Indian Qualifications. Getting into an MNC as a fresh graduate is equivalent to laying strong foundation for your career at a young age.

Upskilling is the new norm:

In the current world where competition is not local but Global, one has to upskill oneself periodically for not losing out the race to the top. When you qualify yourself with a US CMA, it is an indirect message to the management that you are a serious candidate who is on the constant lookout for upgrading yourself for better contribution to your work.  This would enable them shortlist your name in the club of achievers which would automatically ensure faster career progression. 

High Proficiency Certification

US Certified Management Accountant Program is just not another program where you pass with low minimum marks.

The high minimum score of 75%, the examination pattern, structure and the testing done on your understanding, application and analysis of your knowledge in the fields of Management Accounting and Finance Management helps you stand out in a crowd which would definitely attract the attention of prospective employers or within your company.  

Higher potential for Career Advancements:

Advanced certifications often bring with it tremendous potential for career growth and development. A US Certified Management Accountant has an added advantage compared to a candidate without the certification. Candidates who begin their career with no professional certification often tend to start their career at a low level and their growth also is stifled for obvious reasons.  A good start paves the way for a great career which would be possible with a US CMA Certification.

What the Employers look for:

From the viewpoint of a potential employer, a candidate with a US CMA certification signifies a candidate with a strong conceptual and application knowledge of Financial Management and Management Accounting apart from the innate ability to analyze and come out with solutions on account of his capability to think on his feet. With the curriculum of the US CMA being industry relevant and a candidate who has completed the CMA being Industry ready it’s a classic Win-Win situation for both the employers and the job seekers. 

For anyone to be successful in anything that they pursue a major ingredient is self-confidence.   Clearing the CMA exams is a great confidence booster which will reflect in the discharge of his duties in a corporate environment.

These are a few reasons out of many as to why a candidate should pursue US Certified Management Accountant Program.

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