7 Quick  tips and tricks to successfully crack the US CMA exams


The US CMA Exam is regarded as a tough nut to crack. It is awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) of the USA. The US CMA is recognized in more than 100 countries and candidates who successfully complete this course are highly sought by companies located worldwide including India.

Due to the nature of its recognition and the globally employability rates as well as the global pass rate of 50% makes this certification as one of the most preferred certifications pursued by hundreds of thousands of aspirants worldwide.

Here are some tried and tested tips and tricks that can enhance your chances of successfully cracking the US CMA exams:

Practice Makes the US CMA Exam Easier

Professional exams, such as the US CMA, assess a student’s conceptual understanding. As a result, it is critical that a student fully understands it in order to dissect the question, however it is posed, and obtain the correct answer. This ability can be obtained by repeatedly practicing MCQs and descriptive questions. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Spread Out Your Study Time

Spreading out your studying is the best US CMA study strategy for time management. According to research, spreading out your studying time (for example, reviewing 10 hours per week over the course of two months) is preferable to intense studying in a short period of time (e.g. 5 hours a day for 3 straight weeks). When we engage with content in shorter bursts over longer periods of time, our brains tend to remember it better.

Plan your Online Time

It is not feasible to stop checking your emails, Facebook, and Twitter entirely, but you may schedule a time of day for it (e.g. 15 minutes each day in the morning and evening). And be firm about it—all it’s too easy to be distracted by social media and lose valuable study time. You’ll be surprised at how much concentration you can regain with this technique.

Revise the concepts regularly for US CMA Exam

Multiple-choice questions are preferred choice of examiners for testing fundamental concepts, definitions, and terms. As a result, be certain that you grasp the key concepts, revise them regularly so that you can distinguish them from others. Taking notes while learning the topics will allow you to swiftly review them before the tests.

Practice the Multiple Choice Question’s multiple times

Many candidates pick the answer that “looks correct” and rush to the next question. But sometimes, there could be a better answer than the first one you read. And don’t let “all of the above” trick you. Just because “all of the above” is used as an answer, don’t assume it’s the best choice.

To study for the US CMA MCQs, we must first recognize our personal deficiencies and address them immediately during test preparation. For example, if you miss questions because you select irrelevant answers, you may not be reading the questions properly. If your mind begins to wander near the end of the exam, take timed practice exams until you can keep a high level of focus throughout. Once you’ve mastered the fact pattern and style of the multiple-choice questions, try moving faster while maintaining accuracy.

Keep track of your errors

Whenever you answer a question wrongly (or correctly but for the wrong reason), write down your reasoning in a notepad.

Were you unfamiliar with the concepts? Make a list of the ideas you are unfamiliar with.

Did you not read the fact pattern carefully?

Did you get the question wrong?

Did you misinterpret the response options?

Make a note of it on your own cheat sheet.

As is accurately said, there is a significant potential to learn more from our failures than from our success stories.

Never leave any question unanswered

There are no consequences for incorrect replies. If you are short on time, it is preferable to take a wild guess rather than leave it unanswered. The right answer is concealed among the four possible answers. So, in theory, if you study hard enough, you should be able to see it. However, after spending hundreds of hours studying, many devout aspirants fail. In most cases, they fall victim to the “distractors.”

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