Top 5 career options after US CMA Certification

The US CMA Certification is a high-level professional credential that serves as a global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals worldwide

The US CMA Certification is a high-level professional credential that serves as a global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals worldwide. The prestigious nature of the certification combined with its specific design to measure critical accounting and financial management skills, makes it a highly sought after credential in the world of accounting and finance.

This ensures that candidates who have qualified for the US CMA Program are highly sought after. They often carve out prosperous and rewarding careers with reputed organizations around the globe. The nature of the certification is such that their employment opportunities are virtually guaranteed from the time they complete the program.

Here are some of the top career opportunities available to candidates who successfully complete the US CMA Certification program:

Management Accountant with US CMA Certification:

Management accountants are employed in both private and public sectors.

They study and analyze the data collected by their organizations and prepare it for the review and understanding of their management teams by translating the financial data into language that can be easily understood by the laymen. This information is then used as the basis for further budgeting and planning by the management team. They are also in charge of risk management, planning, strategizing, and decision making.

Management accounting is an excellent career choice if you have a natural affinity for dealing with numbers and enjoy managing, analyzing data, dealing with financial statements, making choices, solving problems, and collaborating with people. Professional qualifications, such as the US CMA, as well as relevant experience, can help you achieve a higher pay and also advance your career.

Financial Analysts with US CMA Certification

A qualified US CMA is an asset to any organization as they have the knack to take sensible actions for the future by carefully analyzing the past financial data and performance. Financial Analysts are usually employed by large corporations, banks, insurance companies, start ups, nonprofit organizations or government bodies. The responsibilities of the post differ depending on the type of organization the analyst is employed with.

A financial analyst performs financial research and analysis to provide information on the business’s profitability, stability, liquidity, and solvency. Their responsibilities also include examining internal financial data and developing financial plans, revenue expense estimates, and suggestions to help management make budgeting and investment decisions.

Financial analyst is a good career choice for candidates who enjoy studying the current market trends making educated predictions based on the microeconomic aspects of finance. The role calls for careful attention to detail and advanced analytical skills.

Cost Accountant with US CMA Certification

Cost accountants are employed within both private and public sectors. They also have a valued role to play in the retail sector, consulting companies, business groups and multinational corporations.

Cost accountants analyze the costs incurred by an organization and use the data collected to identify the areas where cost control is necessary. This is a major part of streamlining the finances of the company and improving financial management. Some of the everyday job duties of a cost accountant include preparing asset, liability, and capital account entries, documenting financial transactions, making financial recommendations based on the analysis of financial history.

This is an excellent career option for those who have a solid grasp of business practices and love to work with numerical data. The primary function of a cost accountant is to keep track of expenses and perform margin analysis.

Corporate Controller with US CMA Certification

Corporate controllers are employed by businesses, organizations and multinational corporations.

As the name suggests, a corporate controller is someone who controls the financial and accounting responsibilities of a firm. This includes billings, accounts payable, accounts receivables, and budgeting. Preparing the yearly budget, internal and external financial statements, analyzing and monitoring the existing accounting operations, and coordinating actions for external auditors are some of the common job functions.

Corporate controllers often work in a supervisory position, so the skill sets gained from the US CMA certification are invaluable to this post.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with US CMA Certification

A Chief Financial Officer is one of the top senior executives and is someone who can be considered as the right-hand for the Chief Executive Officer of an organization

CFOs are in charge of everything from financial reporting and forecasts to investments and financial business choices. A CFO’s most important job responsibilities are managing cash flow, identifying financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposing remedial actions.

While it takes years of experience to gain the specialized skills necessary to become a Chief Financial Officer, obtaining a US CMA certification is the best way to fast track your career goals.

Obtaining a US CMA certification provides candidates with an excellent opportunity to develop their careers. The program helps in developing skills sets and equipping candidates with substantial talents and abilities, which are much sought after in the corporate world.

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