4 Reasons Why Accounting Professionals in India should Upskill with US CPA

Upskill with US CPA
Upskill with US CPA

With the world becoming one Global Village and India being the breeding ground for quality finance professionals, the question “Why Accounting Professionals in India should upskill with US CPA” has become pertinent.

The US CPA certification is extremely beneficial for accounting professionals who wish to progress in their careers. As more and more Indians leave for abroad each year, the competition for high quality jobs are on the increase. This is where the US CPA certification comes in handy, as it is meant to offer accounting professionals wider scope and better prospects.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is one of the oldest associations for accounting professionals in the world and the AICPA administer the US CPA exams. An excellent strategy to advance in the accounting profession is to obtain a US CPA as it offers a variety of advantages.

4 important reasons to Upskill with US CPA

  1. Get adapted to advancements in the current accounting system.

Historically, accountants were only responsible for the books of an organization. Today’s employment comprises audit data analytics, artificial intelligence, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools to aid in strategic planning and corporate business control. With the incorporation of such technologies into accounting, there is an increasing requirement for experienced individuals.

In addition to accounting knowledge, the US CPA certification demonstrates that the accountant possesses decision-making and interpersonal abilities. The credential enables professionals to regularly offer strategic business advice to clients. By learning new finance, payment, and service methods, they learn to adapt to the needs of the firm.

Employers appreciate the advanced skill sets acquired through the Upskill with US CPA

Accounting businesses use modern technologies to increase efficiency and cut costs. To satisfy these demands, businesses are recruiting qualified and seasoned accountants who are familiar with data analytics, cloud computing, and other relevant technologies.

Employers in the US and US-based businesses appreciate the CPA degree because it demonstrates high caliber of accounting system knowledge and the US CPAs demonstrate their proficiency in a variety of areas, including analytical thinking, strategic planning, risk management, and communication.

Upskill with US CPA for Global advantage in Job Market

Indian finance professionals with the US CPA certification are recognized all over the world. Those who get the certification can work as accountants in the United States or for multinational companies (depending on Visa regulations). Since there are a lot of US companies in India, there is a bigger need for skilled accountants, especially US CPAs, in India.

The AICPA and NASBA have seen a rise in the number of women and people of different races or ethnicities who are applying for and getting leadership positions. Also, the number of qualified professionals who are good at what they do and have some experience with new accounting issues and services has steadily gone up. So, professionals with a US CPA have an edge over those who don’t have one.

Better Earning Opportunities

Potential earnings and perks are the major factors for anyone in deciding on a job opportunity. People considering becoming US CPAs have a variety of job options available to them, including public accounting, business, government, non-profit, and more. Since most Indians are bilingual, they also benefit from being able to travel and learn about conducting business abroad.

Numerous studies reveal that US CPA holders not only have a wide range of employment options, but also earn on average 10 to 15% more than typical accounting professionals.

The CPA certification not only equips the professional with the knowledge necessary to become an indispensable part of the business, but also opens the door to international prospects in the field of finance and accounting. Being a CPA is more than a job; it’s a sequence of opportunities that will lead to an extraordinary career.

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