US Certified Management Accountant – Top 8 reasons why employers prefer them

US Certified Management Accountants are more employable globally and have better compensation packages

Who is a US Certified Management Accountant?

A US Certified Management Accountant is a globally recognized professional, affiliated with the IMA of USA (Institute of Management Accountants, ). The credential is proof of the candidate’s proficiency and skill set in the areas of Management Accounting and Financial Management. The US Certified Management Accountant is considered as a global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals.

There are a multitude of financial certification programs available globally and some of them enjoy International recognition and employability, yet a US Certified Management Accountant enjoys global employability status and earns 57% more in median salary and 55% more in total compensation than non-CMAs.

Here are the top 8 reasons as to why employers head hunt US Certified Management Accountants:

  1. Ability to add value: A US Certified Management Accountant is more than an Accountant. When preparing for the certification, the candidates are expected to gain a working knowledge of Strategic Thinking and Analysis. This is a game changer, because employers are increasingly becoming aware that they can deliver more than the average Accountant. They can not only track the accounts of the firm, but by virtue of their training, they can now deliver valuable inputs for the organization.
  2. Ability to interpret and explain Data: Candidates who have the US CMA have the necessary skill and ability to bridge the gap between Data Analytics and Management teams. Data is useless unless it can be interpreted properly and converted to layman’s language. A US CMA is able to interpret data and present its implications to the management teams responsible for planning and execution, as they have the necessary training and skill to do this effortlessly.
  3. Ability to transform knowledge and skill into effective strategies: Employers and HR Professionals are increasingly becoming aware that a US CMA not only possesses a wide range of skills and talents, but they also have the ability to integrate these skills and talents to design effective strategies for resolving conflict or receiving results. This is why employers prefer to head hunt US Certified Management Accountants.
  4. Ability to bridge the gap in skills: US Certified Management Accountants are well skilled in strategic thinking, applied work experience, and they have the ability to convert data into dialogue. Organizations looking to close the skills gap and gain an edge over their competitors in the market prefer to hire US CMAs.
  5. Proficient in Planning, Costing and Analysis: The nature of the US CMA program is such that it places a heavier emphasis on Planning, Costing and Analysis, when compared to other accounting programs. Certain industries prefer these costing strategies as it is tailor made to suit their requirements. They would certainly prefer to hire a qualified US Certified Management Accountant as compared to other finance specialists.
  6. Ability to predict and plan for the future: The curriculum of US CMA lays a lot of emphasis on strategic thinking. Corporations that have a clear strategy would prefer to hire US CMA’s because they are visionaries who can predict the direction and outcome of the industry in the coming years. This is one of the major factors why US CMA’s are entrusted the task of managing the companies in a holistic manner.
  7. Ability to monitor and interpret data gathered through AI: Organizations are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence to replace conventional and repetitive tasks carried out by Accountants. The Big 4 firms have already started using AI to transform their audit and contract functions. In such a situation, US CMA holders are increasingly being given the responsibility to handle AI based data and interpret it.
  8. Nature of the US CMA Program: The IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) of the USA makes constant revisions to the curriculum of the US CMA program, after reviewing the skill sets in demand by the leaders of the industries in the US. They factor the requirements of the corporate houses into the curriculum and the exams so that the candidates who pass the course are industry ready and can secure employment at global levels. This is a certification course tailor made to suit the requirements of the work field and hence US CMA holders have much more relevance than non CMA holders.

In conclusion, it can be said that US CMA holders are more employable globally and have better compensation packages when taking into account the aforementioned factors. US CMA positions are more stable, “Future-Proof,” and in great demand across industries. Finally, US CMA might help you have a better chance of standing out from the competition when applying for jobs in the same field.

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