Why is a Finance career the best option in 2022?

There are many compelling reasons for adopting a finance career. When you consider the time required for gaining the necessary specializations and certifications and compare it to other professions, you would see that Finance career is a lucrative choice.

Why should we opt for finance career?

If you are young and ambitious and wish to progress and reach the pinnacle of success, then a finance career is an excellent choice for you. A degree or certification in finance makes you eligible to join a broad range of businesses because money management is an integral function of every organization.

Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, credit card companies, investment firms, brokerage firms, multinational corporations, private companies, government organizations all require the services of finance professionals. The finance sector is one of those industries which will be present forever across all sectors. Therefore, a finance career will remain relevant and ever-evolving at all times

The dynamic nature of businesses has only made this profession more challenging. There is unlimited scope for employment and specialization. Hence, opting for a finance career would be a wise choice.

How should we prepare for a finance career?

Candidates, who hope to make a mark in life with a finance career, ideally need to choose Commerce or Finance as their area of specialization while selecting the stream for graduation. However, in today’s competitive job market, graduates need to equip themselves with additional qualifications for advancing further in their chosen careers.

The US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) https://www.cma.net is the perfect solution for finance or accounting graduates, as this is a relatively short term course with global recognition. If undergraduates chose to enroll and complete their CMA from USA during their Graduation years, they would be able to kick-start their career on a higher plane with an impressive beginning.

Another highly valued and globally recognized certification which can be completed in a short period of 12 to 15 months is CPA from USA https://www.aicpa.org/. It gives the candidates a competitive edge that would make them stand out from the crowd.

By choosing to be US CMA or CPA certified professional, they are not only expanding their horizons and increasing their employment prospects around the world but also enhances their chances of getting employment with better remuneration in Multinational companies and BIG 4 firms within India.

What are the advantages of choosing a finance career?

Some of the major advantages of choosing a finance career are as follows:

  1. Excellent Earning Potential – A candidate who chooses to go in for a finance career will find some of the best paid jobs in the industry. A finance career pays significantly high perks if a Commerce graduate equips himself / herself with a global certification.
  2. Multiple Career Options – The financial industry is diversified and offers several career opportunities for candidates. Every sector needs finance professionals, so choosing a finance career gives you the freedom to join an industry of your choice – like banking sector, insurance, multinational corporations, government organizations etc…
  3. Dynamic and Challenging Field – The nature of the financial industry is such that there are constant changes, be it procedural or technological. By choosing a finance career, a candidate would be signing up for a dynamic and challenging profession. There is no time for stagnation or boredom as this profession requires you to constantly update yourself or up skill.
  4. Global Employability – Financial professionals are in high demand all across the world. There exist multiple opportunities abroad for individuals wanting a broader experience in this field. If you are looking to expand your CV, have newer experience, or want a change of place, your finance career will be able to give you this flexibility.
  5. Job Security – Job security is an important consideration when choosing a career. One of the benefits of a finance career is its apparent job security. Every business needs qualified finance professionals, so choosing a finance career and earning the right certifications will ensure that you are always in demand.

There are many compelling reasons for adopting a finance career. When you consider the time required for gaining the necessary specializations and certifications and compare it to other professions, you would see that Finance career is a lucrative choice.

Making an informed and educated choice at the right time could make the difference between a mediocre or successful career. If a candidate chooses to undertake the journey of gaining knowledge with a suitable coaching partner, there would be a plethora of opportunities available to him and the sky becomes the limit.

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